Understanding needs in health and social care

Explore how programs, practices, and policies in these areas affect the health of individuals, families, and communities. These services and care is provided to them at low cost.

Due to this, majority of practitioners and other nursing professionals leave their job and pursue other services which are not hectic as this Harris, Olsen and Walker, Research in Developmental Disabilities 32 2: Advocacy; includes a wide range of methods and approaches that can be used in changing policies and practices or event attitude s and behavior in the society which discriminate against the autistic and give them an equal platform in the society to function without obstacles Hammer p.

Conclusion This has been reported with the case study on Mr. Building trust is also an important requirement to come up with mutual relationships with the people with specific needs and also to provide better healthcare services.

Disability Disability is a physical impairment that hinders an individual to have a normal life like moving from one place to the next comfortably, having an education or vocation. Analyze concepts of disability, illness and behavior in relation to health and social care During the discussion and assessment with Mr.

Empowering the individual with information on how to deal with people with specific needs will greatly improve their health. Journal of Chronic Diseases. Therefore, demands of most of our patients are different and require be analyzing and understanding clearly, so that an intervention that will be used meets the demands of the patient.

There is a need to look after their physical, mental and emotional needs because after knowing these needs the individual can be provided with best treatment to recover also the best strategy can be developed to provide an individual with treatment.

Take a quick look at our quality assignment samples written Assignment Sample Assignment Price Order Now Lo4 Understand Strategeis For Coping Witj Challenging Behaviors Associated With Specified Needs The concept of challenging behavior can be bifurcated on the basis of two categories namely externalized and disruptive set of actions.

For the purpose of eradicating this problem, he has sought help and guidance from new age technology such as digital assistance. Also a proper management is necessary to stop the misuse within the organization.

It is very challenging to look after them as their behaviour is always not normal. Before treating HL it is important to first understanding the root cause of his change in behavior After understanding the root cause of his behavior, start by treating it.

The professional experts suggest the techniques and ways from which the growth of the brain can be achieved Thompson and Kumar, It is necessary for schools and colleges at all levels to fully accessible to individuals who are suffering from any kind of problem.

Understanding health and social care

The misconceptions and misunderstandings relating to the concepts like health, disability, illness, and behavior may harm the objectives of the health and social care service Emerson, This can simulate the hearing nerve which connects to the brain.

As an care worker in a residential care home, the intervention strategies used for a child with learning disability are effective with respect to improve their mental ability. Aids for daily living ADL is a term used for such people which talks about the daily routine job that an individual performs in his normal life such as dressing, bathing, chores, use of different interactive devices, etc also help in supporting the lives of individuals with disability which can be further supported by technology Billingsley and Lang, Thus when it comes to provision of social care to such disabled children, it will also be feasible to look on to the type of practical help that needs to be provided to such special people instead of working together on their needs Martin and Henderson, For the most part, the level of generality is adequate enough to make the findings relevant to countries other than the UK.

This acts as an added advantage for service providers as with the help of this they are able to deliver their services diligently Hadad and et.

The advantages of the empowerment interventions are as follows: Part of the Understanding Welfare: It provides effective care and quality service to them. In the case of HL different practitioner will be involved; hence proper protocol should be followed.

Methods for the economic evaluation of health care programmes. Physical interventions; this includes a range of activities such as exercise and monitoring the individuals to ensure that they handle their aggression and frustration in a positive and constructive way instead of embarking on self hurting activities.

In the similar manner, various types of intervention strategies and tactics will prove to be of great use for the people who are in great need. In considering factors that constrain life opportunities, this extended definition places social barriers on an equal footing with impairment due to a medical condition.

Visual representation system is yet another technique which has been used by a child who has been suffering from the problem of autism.

Unit 16 Understanding Specific Needs in HSC

The standards that health and social care need to be followed are as follows:Jun 16,  · Understanding Social Determinants of Health Social determinants of health are conditions in the environments in which people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age that affect a wide range of health, functioning, and quality-of-life outcomes and risks.

The Health and Social Care Act established the Care Quality Commission as the regulator of all health and adult social care services. It is a single Act of Parliament that contains the commission’s powers and duties, and represents the modernisation and integration of health and social care.

Understanding barriers is the first step to building a successful social needs strategy. Learn more about how to use Healthify's Social Needs Funnel to understand some of the challenges healthcare organizations face when developing strategies and frameworks that address social needs.

Introduction to Specific Needs. This present report is based on understanding the specific needs in health and social care which deals with range of perceptions which individual have on illness, disability, health behavior in health and social care setting.

Furthermore stated about concepts of health, disabilities,illness and behavior, perceptions of specific needs have changed over time, impact of legislation, social policy, society and culture, care needs of individuals, current systems for supporting individuals, the services available in a chosen locality for individuals, approaches and.

Jun 09,  · [Understanding Specific Needs in Health and Social Care] By Insert Your Name Presented to Instructor’s Name, Course Institution Name, Location Date Due Table of Contents Overview to Holland park case study.

3 Health. 3 Illness. 4 Disability. 4 Behavioral Issues. 4 Overview Of Case Study. 6 Overview to Case study. 9 Approaches and Interventions Available.

Understanding needs in health and social care
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