Myanmar rice export

Myanmar rice exports to Africa were down, while demand from Europe was up last year. Myanmar does not strive to export rice in large quantities, but aims to make high-quality products. In earlyreports emerged that year-old Than Shwe sought treatment in Singapore for an undisclosed medical condition.

Myanmar exported aroundtons to China a year earlier. We need to export quality products. Xuan said Myanmar is likely to become the No 1 in the world in rice export and it is likely to outstrip Thailand as well.

The price of both low quality and high quality rice has risen by K1, Fertile land and key industries The vast majority of Myanmar's people live in the lowland regions of the Irrawaddy basin.

Though China restricted importing rice from Myanmar, it is legal in Myanmar to Myanmar rice export rice to China.

Vietnam has been advised to focus on high-quality rice varieties and position Vietnam as the exporter of high-quality rice.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation said that of the estimated 15 million acres of rainy-season rice crop for this fiscal year, some To cut such heavy dependence on the Chinese for rice exports, rice traders should begin to evaluate how to diversify their trade partners, U Aung Than Oo, chairman of Myanmar Rice Traders Association, said during a presentation at the meeting.

We are expecting to have a China has promised to increase its orders for Myanmar rice by 2 per cent next month, though negotiations are still underway. However, with the emergence of Myanmar, the market share held by Vietnam, Pakistan and Thailand in the market has fallen.

The price is dependent on demand Myanmar rice export China. Traders from China purchase all types and quality of Myanmar rice so it is more convenient to trade over the border than export by sea, he added.

Myanmar has sought to borrow industry expertise from neighboring Thailand by inviting millers and exporters, but foreign investors and experts are hesitant as Myanmar still lacks clear regulations in the sector, as well as sufficient infrastructure.

Inspectors from China have been invited to Myanmar this month to forge a quality-control agreement.

While the price per tonne of Vietnamese and Thai rice is increasing, Myanmar rice remains stable which is driving demand in new foreign markets. Unlike Myanmar, every country tries to export its best products to other countries in order to win international markets.

Export dealers did not fare well, it was reported, with the price of local rice as it was, the problem being exasperated by Myanmar currency appreciation. Ministry of commerce announced that Myanmar exports rice to China, Japan, and other countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.

It took a long time to push the industry forward, even in places such as Vietnam. Although roughly one third of the country is still covered in forest, Global Witness estimates that illegal timber exports from Myanmar amounted to at least 1.

In the fiscal year, Myanmar exported 1. Though Myanmar legally exports rice through the Muse border trade station on the China-Myanmar border, some traders from China are illegally purchasing rice to avoid paying taxes, U Than Oo, secretary of Myanmar Rice Association, told Myanmar Business Today.

It is cultivated mostly by small-scale farmers, and in alone, an estimated metric tonnes of opium was produced.

Myanmar earns over 435 mln USD from rice export in 7 months

Some 75 per cent of the population live in rural areas, depending primarily on agriculture. There were several series of arrests of illegal rice traders by Chinese authorities recently which resulted in a loss for roughly one or two percent of Myanmar rice traders.

It is the only country to export teak from virgin natural forest, drawing condemnation from the international community. Oil and gas exports were excluded from the strategy because they do not support socio-economic development or create many job opportunities, Maung Aung said. Burmese, minority ethnic groups have their own languages Inflation: U Nay Lin Zin, joint-secretary general of Myanmar Rice Federation said a lot of infrastructure needs to be built such as a dry port; logistics have to be improved with the support of the central and regional governments in order to meet the two-million tonnes export target.

The Golden Triangle Myanmar remains the world's second largest producer of illicit opium, after Afghanistan. The entire quality control system, including standards and specification of Myanmar rice industry, is still very weak, said Charles Schneider, senior operations officer at the International Finance Corporation IFC.

At one time, the country was the top rice exporter internationally until the Second World War. Drug trafficking is a cause of ethnic tension, in particular between the Karen people - a Christian ethnic minority opposed to the military junta and drug cultivation - and the Wa State army.

Since this time, despite repeated demands from regional and other world leaders, Suu Kyi remains confined under house arrest. Myanmar has bigger advantages than Vietnam in water sources: Subsequently, for a long period of time, with the exception of andthe country was unable to export more than one million tonnes per year.According to Myanmar Rice Association, the export of Myanmar rice was nearlytonnes in fiscal year garnering $ million, which has risen to more than million tonnes (worth $ million) in The rice export volume for the fiscal year is expected to reach 1 million tons, which is less than the export volume of million tons, said U Ye Min Aung, secretary-general of the Myanmar Rice.

myanmar rice

Oct 05,  · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. All export procedures and port costs should be revised with a view toward improving the competitiveness of Myanmar rice. In the long run. Update the existing seed management system and prepare a new national seed policy to make the seed industry more competitive.

New rice varieties with higher export potential need to be adopted. YANGON -- Myanmar was once a world power when it came to rice exports, and it is working hard to become one again. With the government positioning rice as a main export, Myanmar Agribusiness.

Rice is one of the major sectors prioritised by the Myanmar National Export Strategy. The Strategy was designed to fuel the country’s sustainable development through export promotion and was first launched in March under the previous administration.

Myanmar rice export
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