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Plumbers are able to shorten the installing clip from 2 yearss to half-day. In addition, Aqualisa case study solution the past years,the company sold the shower products at premium pricing, such brand image is fixated in the mind of the DIY consumer in the market resulting in low adaption and thus sales.

Not only are consumers concerned with price but also ease of use, installation and performance.

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The shower provides significant improvements in terms of quality, cost, and ease of installation. Aqualisa must come up with a better sales strategy quickly, as their patents will expire and competition will catch up with them within just a few years.

As for finance facet. However, there was a huge difference among the existing products of the company and Quartz but still the future of the previous products was in danger because of Quartz. This niche contributes to perceived value. Aqualisa has come up with a very good product, but the shower is not selling at the rate that Aqualisa had hoped.

Technological competence of the existing players and culture of innovation and development in the industry. Also sales are affected by bad experience of customers with previous products.

Plumbers by and large preferred to put in a individual shower trade name and highly loath to exchange trade names. Furthermore, these issues also had a cross relation with each other since, because of incorrect positioning the company set higher prices and due to higher prices the company should sold them through show rooms instead of retail and trade shops.

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It has a one touch control with a red light indicator which allowed consumers to know when the water reaches the desired temperature. Aqualisa Case Study solution Essay - Paper Example Aqualisa Case Study solution Essay I took into consideration the problem of Aqualisa Quartz shower line and found out how to solve it, how to make an enormous problem to become an opportunity instead - Aqualisa Case Study solution Essay introduction.

The solution is for companies to refocus the sales team to target new customers or segment a portion of the sales force to specialize in a particular product line. Aqualisa has come up with a very good product, but the shower is not selling at the rate that Aqualisa had hoped.

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Forty percent of households in the U. With the aforementioned strategies, an increased presence is needed in trade shops, show rooms, DIY chains and general consumer stores to increase brand awareness and recognition.

They consist of the DIY consumers, plumbers, developers and contractors, and the retail consumer. The new Quartz product line is experiencing a very slow adoption process probably mostly due to the stigma that has remained from other electronic showers that have failed.

Marriott has spent a great sum of advertising and marketing dollars and effort to research the market and gain insight into the demands of the consumer. Consumers in the standard monetary value scope tended to stress on public presentation and service.Aqualisa Case Study 1.

Problem Statement: In MayAqualisa had launched the Quartz shower, a real significant product innovation, with unique and superior features in terms of technology, water pressure, design and ease of installation.

Aqualisa Quartz Case Study Aqualisa Quartz Subject: How to best market the new Aqualisa Quartz line of showers Problem: Aqualisa has created a superior new shower line that seems to be perfect for the needs of customers but the sales are far below expectations.

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The question belongs to Marketing and it is about Harvard Business School case study Aqualisa Quartz: Simply a Better Shower, Case No: The case study is about Aqualisa Quartz, a superior shower brand which had poor sales.

Aqualisa Quartz Case Solution, Aqualisa Quartz Case Solution Value Proposition for Consumers The most eminent value proposition Quartz offer to the customer is the offering of right tem.

Marketing & Sales Case Study Analysis and Solution. At Fern Fort University, we use Harvard Business Review (HBR) marketing principles and framework to analyze Aqualisa Quartz: Simply a Better Shower case study.

Case study Aqualisa Quartz: Simply a better shower. Q1. What is the Quartz value proposition to a) consumers b) plumbers? Ans. Aqualisa, a U.K. based shower manufacturing Company had launched its premium brand µQuartz¶ in May

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Aqualisa case study solution
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