A geography of iran contra affair

Retired National Security Advisor McFarlane conducted another international voyage, this one to Tehran ; bringing with him a gift of a bible having a handwritten inscription by Ronald Reagan; [57] [58] and, according to George Cave a cake baked in the shape of a key.

North also claimed that he lied to members of Congress at Poindexter's direction. A panel of the D. Speculation about the involvement of Reagan, Vice President George Bush and the administration at large ran rampant.

Overall, the entire event was a blow to Congress and its ability to oversee all of its departments. Bythe Iran-Contra Affair seemed over, in one sense. Reagan and Iran Contra Despite the fact that Reagan had promised voters he would never negotiate with terrorists—which he or his underlings did while brokering the weapons sales with Iran—the two-term occupant of the White House left office as a popular president.

By the time the sales were discovered, more than 1, missiles had been shipped to Iran. At the time of the presidential election ofReagan was at the height of his popularity.

Congressional committees investigating the Iran-Contra Affair In JanuaryCongress announced it was opening an investigation into the Iran—Contra affair.


The American public, however, grew increasingly opposed to such funding, and when Congress passed a law banning it, the White House resorted to covert means to continue its support. It did not determine that the President had knowledge, although it argued that the President ought to have had better control of the National Security Council staff.

Eventually the arms were sold with proceeds going to the contras, and the hostages were released. After that successful transfer, the Israelis offered to ship HAWK surface-to-air missiles to Iran in Novemberin exchange for the release of all remaining American hostages being held in Lebanon.

US Attorney General Edwin Meese on November 25 admitted that profits from weapons sales to Iran were made available to assist the anti-communist Contra rebels in Nicaragua.

The discovery of the notes in the Library of Congress suggested that Weinberger had presented false testimony. Eugene Hasenfuswho was captured by Nicaraguan authorities after surviving the plane crash, initially alleged in a press conference on Nicaraguan soil that two of his coworkers, Max Gomez and Ramon Medina, worked for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Bush deemed all six men patriots and said their prosecution represented not law enforcement but the "criminalization of policy differences," essentially repeating his long-standing argument that Iran-Contra was really a case where Democrats had pursued a political witch-hunt to punish Republican officials over disagreements on foreign policy Grant of Exec.


The pardon cited Weinberger's record of public and military service, his recent ill health, and a desire to put Iran-Contra to rest. This was done with the understanding that the United States would then ship replacement missiles to Israel.

Joe," after the popular American toy.

Iran–Contra affair

The fact that Nir was killed in a mysterious chartered airplane crash in Mexico in December has given rise to numerous conspiracy theories ", writes Bergman.Iran - The Islamic republic: Outwardly, with a swiftly expanding economy and a rapidly modernizing infrastructure, everything was going well in Iran.

But in little more than a generation, Iran had changed from a traditional, conservative, and rural society to one that was industrial, modern, and urban. The Iran-Contra Affairs of the s stemmed from the Reagan Administration’s foreign policies toward two seemingly unrelated countries, Nicaragua and Iran.

The Administration believed that changes to these countries that occurred in the s threatened U.S. national interests. The Iran-Contra affair was a scandal that happened from August to March The scandal involved the United States Government selling weapons to Iran in exchange for hostages and to fund the Nicaraguan Contras.

It happened under President Ronald Reagan's government. Nov 04,  · Watch video · The Iran-Contra Affair was a secret U.S.

arms deal that traded missiles and other arms to free some Americans held hostage by terrorists in Lebanon, but also used funds from the arms deal to support armed conflict in Nicaragua.

How "Iran" and "Contra" came to be said in the same breath was the result of complicated covert activities, all carried out, the players said, in the name of democracy. Inwhile Iran and Iraq were at war, Iran made a secret request to.

Iran-Contra Affair, s U.S.

Iran-Contra Affair

political scandal in which the National Security Council (NSC) became involved in secret weapons transactions and other activities that either were prohibited by the U.S. Congress or violated the .

A geography of iran contra affair
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